Full Program managemnt: Student Entry, Contact, Scheudling, Reminders, Minute Tracking, SPEC takes the workload off of you.

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    Welcome to SPEC
    Specialized Student Management System
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    Cross-Platform Management system.
    Let SPEC manage
    your Special Education Program
      Integration with SEIS
      Full Scheduling System
      Multi-User with Permisions
      Multi-School/Campus Support
      Full MTSS/RTI program management
      Notes, File Management, CRM, and more...
      Supports all Specialized Services: IEP, 504, ELL, RTI, and more


Here's what we offer...


Single Sign-On (Available as Stand-Alone Product)

Distance Learning Engagement Tracking. This tool allows tracking and monitoring of your school's/district's student engagement. Students are directed through an easy to use Single Sign-on Portal which keeps track of Logins and engagement with Content created by your admins or faculty. Uses your existing online classroom tools. Link to Google Classroom, Zoom Meetings, or any other online tool..put all your content in one, easy to access page. Customizable reports available.


Student Management

Manage students and services for all students with additional services (IEP, 504, ELL, MTSS/RTI) Add or Import Students from your existing system. Manage Important due Dates, Providers, Assigned Services, Save Parent/Guardian Contact Information, and More


Service Records

Record and Keep Track of Services Provided (IEP, 504, MTSS/RTI, ELL, or other). Record dates, quantity of minutes provided, service providers, and notes about services, all in one place.


Online Scheduling

Use SPEC to coordinate and manage meetings in one place. Invite providers, teachers, parents and administrators to events. Keep track of meeting dates, notes, attendees. Each attendee receives an email with meeting dates and details, and each email contains a confirmation link as well the ability to add the event to their personal calendar. SPEC Administrators receive notifications from attendees confirming their attendance and overall meeting status.


Notes and Files

Save notes with custom user visibility (Confidential notes are seen by only the appropriate Staff members), Upload and save important documents.


User Management

Completely customizable user access. Example: Teachers can see only students in their class with additional supports, administrators can access all students with additional services on a campus, or complete district level access.


Cross Platform Support

Use SPEC when and where you need it most. SPEC works on your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Managing all your specialized students services programs Is demanding, let SPEC help

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Quick Overview

SPEC Simplifies and Manages all your specialized student service programs in one place.

Built by Specialized Student Service Providers for Specialized Student Service Providers.

  • IEP, Section 504, ELL, MTSS/RTI, and more
  • Student Management
  • Service Record Tracking
  • Online Scheduler with Attendee Confirmations
  • Notes and File Management
  • Custom User Management
  • Cross Platform Support


Custom Plans Available - Let us customize a program that fits your budget and need: 619-248-8774 email: info@essquared.org?

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